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Dec 14, 2017:
?Bookings coming in for next year - but #NewYearsEve is up next! ? Hold on to your hats and get your glam rags read?
Nov 15, 2017:
I'm flying out to perform at CIRCUS MACABRE @DublinBurlFest Friday! Got your tickets yet? ?#Showtime #FridayFeeling?
Nov 6, 2017:
Come have a taste @BellaBesame 's delightfully dark Kunst Kabaret @AlbertsSchloss #Manchester #burlesque?

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December madness

Well, we're mid-December and I'm halfway between my last show and my next and not nearly enough done!  Costume repairs and maintenance, rehearsal and creating the next two acts all underway amongst the home re-vamp, the inevitable race to Christmas with all the kids descending on the house and Mr Dare's own gigs.  Oh yes, we do it all together - I've managed Adventures of Salvador for six years now and he is my own personal minder, chauffeur and guide in this burly adventure!

Next up is the New Year's Eve party and I'm performing both The Way I Walk and Then Came Woman - but I can't let you know where yet as my appearance is under wraps for now!  

Feathers fluffed and ready!


A lull between shows means time for training and I'm back to my mentor and "burly momma" Lady Wildflower for more fan dancing.  I do have a fan act in the planning but that's a long way down the list - it takes a LOT of practice and I'll need my other wrist sorting first!

...and we're home to more pictures!

Haworth Steampunk Weekend


Well, this show sold out a while ago and I am SO pleased we made it!  The weather was against us and some didn't get through - but we still put on a hell of a show and mingling with the audience afterwards was a joy.  I don't think I have ever been asked for so many photographs!  Thank you to ALL involved for making it so enjoyable x


Left to Right:  Bobbie Dazzler, Raven Noir, Pansy Cheung, Silk Desire, Marjorie Hawkins, Vanity Dare, Carrie Couture, Amore Rocks, Seedy Frills



Dublin Burlesque Festival is a must-see for anyone who loves Burlesque!

Such talent - such diversity - and the fun to be had!

Dublin took a piece of my heart and I WILL be back!

It was an honour to be part of it - just look at the cast and crew!