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Apr 13, 2018:
Save Our Studios! #TONIGHT #showtime #entertainment #nightout #donate #create #dream #doit
Apr 10, 2018:
There's nothing like this kind of fun with these beautiful souls? #specialpeople #thatsdarling #entertainment?
Apr 9, 2018:
?Thank you @GalwayBurlyFest for booking me to appear at your Gala Night @THTG on Saturday 19th May! I can't wait to?

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May 19, 2018 Galway, Ireland
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Sep 21, 2018 Gateshead, United Kingdom
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Oct 27, 2018 somewhere in the, United Kingdom
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Tickets now on sale for Galway!

ONE MONTH until I fly off to Ireland and the glittery goodness of the Galway Burlesque Festival Gala Night with a sparkling array of world class acts! Spring break anyone?


Alexander The Great Aerial King (US)
Bella Agogo (IE)
Bonnie Boux (IE)
La Petite Mort (IE)
Lilou Frou (Germany)
Lou Safire - Burlesque Performer - Burlesque Performer (UK)
Luna Sugarcane (Norway)
Luna TikTok (US)
Scarlett Van Tassel (IE)
Shir Madness (IE)
Silly Thanh (Switzerland)
UnderCURRENT Seriously Camp Cabaret (IE)
Vanity Dare (UK)
Vixyn Von Trix (IE)
Roxy Stardust (Scotland)

Hosted by Sadie Sinner The Songbird (UK)

TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW so grab yours and join us for the adventure

Just click on my bossom to be transported to the ticket link!


Another Sold Out Show!


Lady Blue Phoenix brings you Lune-etoile .... and all slightly sinful in the old church that is the Clifftown Theatre & Studios in Southend-on-Sea

Trip to the seaside anyone?  See you there!

Galway Burlesque Festival 2018



Yes!  I am utterly thrilled to have been selected to perform at this fabulous festival's Gala Night on Saturday 19th May!  Having had a little piece of my heart taken by Ireland at last year's Dublin Burlesque Festival, I was drawn to go back and see more.  What an honour to be amongst such a delicious line-up - weekend away, anyone?

Photo credit:  MyBoudoir Photography


Oh what an audience, Swansea!


What a night!  Lilly Laudanum's Bluestocking Lounge in Swansea is a must-see to add to your list.  Well worth the journey, this show is something a little special.  I suspect it's the incredible amount of sparkle that came with Saturday night but that audience was incredible.  A packed house of smiling faces and enthusiasm resonated and we performers basked in it.

THANK YOU to all who attended and made it so magical.  Mr Ozgen was a delight, I was at home with my burly momma Lady Wildflower and my fairy godmother of burlesque, Lilly Laudanum and I caught up with familiar faces Dainty Doreen and Jewel Personality.

I have to say, Swansea, you filled my heart with joy - thank you!

A little backstage selfie taken by Lady Wildflower (front and centre) xx

Save Our Studios!




Airborne is our burly birthplace and a place of wonderful creative activity of many variations.

On Friday 13th drop your superstitions and pick up a night of strip 'n' tease by joining us there! IF you can't make it, please try to pop a pound or two in the pot on the funding page (HERE)...every little really does help and will keep the showgirls and poledancers going with a proper rehearsal space.

Tickets are £10 which can be purchased in cash at the studio or via bank transfer (email

Thank you!