Yes, I know I have an exciting September coming up, but hot off the plane from Rome, I will be hoofing my cases back to the home city for THIS fabulous show!

The Alice in Wonderland-styled Richmond Tea Rooms is a bit special and just MADE for Cherie Bebe's shows 



It's been a while since I shared a stage with the tiger lady herself my dear friend Diva Hollywood so that's a thrill and Ginger La Rouge is a delight; treat yourselves - there's even Cake and Gin if you fancy!


                       CHERIE BEBE                                                  GINGER LA ROUGE


                      VANITY DARE                                                    DIVA HOLLYWOOD

Manchester I Am In You!



If you've had time to recover from the weekend,

if you need something to occupy your mind until Wednesday's match

if you just feel like being a dirty stop-out on a school night -

come down to Alberts Schloss TONIGHT and get steamy with us!


Dreams do come true!

ITALY! One of the few countries in the world I would like to live, THIS country has a special place in my heart - but the island of Sicily has been in my dreams, never yet visited.

This September I am overjoyed to be representing the UK at Sicily's very own Taormina Burlesque Festival as part of their beautiful Gala Show! The whole weekend looks wonderful - and I will be joining friends Trixie WhippWinnie Pelteez and Angelica G.L'Amour  - look at the line-up for the whole festival!

Roberta Pennisi (Lady Kant) thank you 

Late summer trip, anyone?!

#taorminaburlesquefestival #taobf #tbf #tbf2018 #vintageafternoon

[photo: myboudoir photography by Nicola 


Ireland you did it again!


Ireland I love you!


[photocredit:  Nicola @ Myboudoir photography]

Tickets now on sale for Galway!

ONE MONTH until I fly off to Ireland and the glittery goodness of the Galway Burlesque Festival Gala Night with a sparkling array of world class acts! Spring break anyone?


Alexander The Great Aerial King (US)
Bella Agogo (IE)
Bonnie Boux (IE)
La Petite Mort (IE)
Lilou Frou (Germany)
Lou Safire - Burlesque Performer - Burlesque Performer (UK)
Luna Sugarcane (Norway)
Luna TikTok (US)
Scarlett Van Tassel (IE)
Shir Madness (IE)
Silly Thanh (Switzerland)
UnderCURRENT Seriously Camp Cabaret (IE)
Vanity Dare (UK)
Vixyn Von Trix (IE)
Roxy Stardust (Scotland)

Hosted by Sadie Sinner The Songbird (UK)

TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW so grab yours and join us for the adventure

Just click on my bossom to be transported to the ticket link!


Another Sold Out Show!


Lady Blue Phoenix brings you Lune-etoile .... and all slightly sinful in the old church that is the Clifftown Theatre & Studios in Southend-on-Sea

Trip to the seaside anyone?  See you there!

Galway Burlesque Festival 2018



Yes!  I am utterly thrilled to have been selected to perform at this fabulous festival's Gala Night on Saturday 19th May!  Having had a little piece of my heart taken by Ireland at last year's Dublin Burlesque Festival, I was drawn to go back and see more.  What an honour to be amongst such a delicious line-up - weekend away, anyone?

Photo credit:  MyBoudoir Photography


Oh what an audience, Swansea!


What a night!  Lilly Laudanum's Bluestocking Lounge in Swansea is a must-see to add to your list.  Well worth the journey, this show is something a little special.  I suspect it's the incredible amount of sparkle that came with Saturday night but that audience was incredible.  A packed house of smiling faces and enthusiasm resonated and we performers basked in it.

THANK YOU to all who attended and made it so magical.  Mr Ozgen was a delight, I was at home with my burly momma Lady Wildflower and my fairy godmother of burlesque, Lilly Laudanum and I caught up with familiar faces Dainty Doreen and Jewel Personality.

I have to say, Swansea, you filled my heart with joy - thank you!

A little backstage selfie taken by Lady Wildflower (front and centre) xx

Save Our Studios!




Airborne is our burly birthplace and a place of wonderful creative activity of many variations.

On Friday 13th drop your superstitions and pick up a night of strip 'n' tease by joining us there! IF you can't make it, please try to pop a pound or two in the pot on the funding page (HERE)...every little really does help and will keep the showgirls and poledancers going with a proper rehearsal space.

Tickets are £10 which can be purchased in cash at the studio or via bank transfer (email

Thank you!

Bluestocking Lounge

Well, it's not long until my next trip into Wales - South Wales this time!


Off to perform with my Fairy Godmother of Burlesque, Lilly Laudanum and her Bluestocking Lounge

and she has given me a lovely introduction (click through to read more!)  Not only this but my burly momma Lady Wildflower is one of the headliners!


Upcoming ....


I have so much coming up that I'm excited to reveal - but not yet!  Timing is everything and producers like to schedule/reveal at specific times so it's rare you can break the news as soon as you're booked!

However, I'm pleased to say I can reveal this show.  Having ticked North Wales off my list twice in the last few months, I am off to South Wales - Swansea to be precise!  Performing with my "burly godmother" Lilly Laudenam.  It's her Bluestocking Lounge in the Swansea Grand Theatre's Arts Wing and I'll be alongside my burly momma Lady Wildflower and joining the master turkish belly dancer Ozgen!  As I know the other performers it will be a little like a reunion trip for me and promises to be a great night.  Join us!

If you book before 3rd March, you'll save £3 on a ticket, too:  CLICK HERE

Sparkling Silver Sweeties


Fresh from the fun of the North Wales Burlesque & Cabaret Festival where I was given a Silver Award alongside the lovely Lili del Fflur, my favourite little bear.

Somerset success!

The wonderful Trixie Whipp put on a fabulous festival yet again. Back for the second year, this time to perform Then Came Woman - we had a blast! Well worth the travel. Here's to next year!

Almost time for a road trip!

Off to Wales again


The weekend is almost here and I am looking forward to escaping out of Snickers and into Sparkles again!

Spending the weekend at the North Wales Burlesque and Cabaret Festival <3 Performing on Friday night at a beautiful theatre with some rather fabulous little beauts, the hubby and I sharing lodgings with a fellow showgirl and catching up with friends....it's a tough life ;-)

Oh - this lovely little pic? Courtesy of the wonderful Neil 'Nez' Kendall 




Christmas Wishes!

As I wait to see if I'm on Santa's Naughty or Nice list, I just want to wish you all a VERY Happy Christmas and thank you for all the support you have shown this year both to me and to the art of Burlesque.

Now, who was lucky enough to have bought one of the New Year's Eve tickets at Shangri-la...?

See you there, then.....xx

[photo credit:  Nicola Grimshaw - MyBoudoir Photography]

December madness

Well, we're mid-December and I'm halfway between my last show and my next and not nearly enough done!  Costume repairs and maintenance, rehearsal and creating the next two acts all underway amongst the home re-vamp, the inevitable race to Christmas with all the kids descending on the house and Mr Dare's own gigs.  Oh yes, we do it all together - I've managed Adventures of Salvador for six years now and he is my own personal minder, chauffeur and guide in this burly adventure!

Next up is the New Year's Eve party and I'm performing both The Way I Walk and Then Came Woman - but I can't let you know where yet as my appearance is under wraps for now!  

Feathers fluffed and ready!


A lull between shows means time for training and I'm back to my mentor and "burly momma" Lady Wildflower for more fan dancing.  I do have a fan act in the planning but that's a long way down the list - it takes a LOT of practice and I'll need my other wrist sorting first!

...and we're home to more pictures!

Haworth Steampunk Weekend


Well, this show sold out a while ago and I am SO pleased we made it!  The weather was against us and some didn't get through - but we still put on a hell of a show and mingling with the audience afterwards was a joy.  I don't think I have ever been asked for so many photographs!  Thank you to ALL involved for making it so enjoyable x


Left to Right:  Bobbie Dazzler, Raven Noir, Pansy Cheung, Silk Desire, Marjorie Hawkins, Vanity Dare, Carrie Couture, Amore Rocks, Seedy Frills



Dublin Burlesque Festival is a must-see for anyone who loves Burlesque!

Such talent - such diversity - and the fun to be had!

Dublin took a piece of my heart and I WILL be back!

It was an honour to be part of it - just look at the cast and crew!

I'm on my way!


 “ …. above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Roald Dahl




The Emerald Isle awaits...

Kunst Kabaret - Exceptional!


Well, that was an night like no other - the Energy - the Vibe - the People - the PLACE!  Albert's Schloss in Manchester hold these regularly and the beautiful Bella Besame produces the Slippery Belle Takeover - get your beautiful booties over there and experience it for yourself!


[Left to Right:  Titsalina Bumsquash, Ava Ahotsa, Vanity Dare, Suzie Sequin, Luna Tik Tok, John Celestus and front and centre is our compere Duke Wayward]


I'M BACK IN MANCHESTER - and this time it's NO TICKETS!


If you missed me last time, get your beautiful booties down there on Tuesday at Albert's Schloss on Peter Street!


However - if you can't stand the heat, you better keep out of this kitchen tomorrow night! Delightfully dark 'n' dirty, if you're up for it join me with some of my favourite performers at Albert's Schloss in Manchester; come have a taste of Kunst Kabaret!

I'll be joining the party with:

Bella Besame
Ava Ahotsa
Duke Wayward
John Celestus
Luna Tik Tok
Suzie Sequin
Titsalina Bumsquash

Then Came Woman

Well this act is getting more and more of an airing and I am really loving the feedback from it!  People are really "getting" the feel - the glamour of old hollywood movies, something perhaps more classic - and with the shows who have booked it, tweaked to edge toward the graceful or grindy depending on need!

Taken 20th October @ Cherie Bebe's Burlesque at Richmond Tea Rooms, Manchester

(what a show!)

Photo credit:  Darren McGinn Photography

Taken 27th October 2017 @ Lady Absinthe's Secret Speakeasy, Darley Dale

Photo Credit:  Neal Rylatt

We did it! Finalists!

Well what a show that was!  Seren Yn Codi on Saturday night in Conwy brought together several storm-blown showgirls for the semi-final and we had such a good night.  One of the biggest reasons I do this is for the people you meet - and this lot were amongst the most interesting and diverse acts which made for a really great show for the audience too!  Great work by Kimberley Edmunds (Foxy Stole) and Erwyd pulling this all together.

All contestants did well to be selected for the semi-final - it was a great mix of acts!  See the finalists in January at "Theatr Colwyn" !

 Finalists (L to R):  Miss Sugar Bomb, Eddie Kelly, Lili Del Fflur, Vanity Dare, Laurie The Fox

Audience Choice winner also goes through:  Foxy Maraschino

Halloween update!

 I am thrilled to announce that The Velvet Burlesque present Cabaret Gothique - 28.10.17 is now SOLD OUT!

I'm performing at Cabaret Gothique and then partying the night away at the Grand Ball afterwards - if you're looking for a great night out, take a peek at this!

There are still tickets available for The Velvet Burlesque present The Grand Halloween Ball (28.10.17) at Sheffield City Hall!

Full event details & tickets:

Dublin Burlesque Festival 2017

I am utterly delighted to be able to announce my inclusion in the Dublin Burlesque Festival next month!

The Festival has a fabulous Line-up!  I shall be performing The Way I Walk at the Circus Macabre show on Friday 17th November at The Sugar Club, Dublin.  It's the first time in my life I have been to Ireland and that's my goals for the year complete - to have appeared across the United Kingdom in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales - what a way to do it!

Fancy joining me?  Click the pic for more information!

Halloween Spooktacular!


I am delighted to be able to announce I have been invited by The Velvet Burlesque to appear at their Cabaret Gothique show on 28th October!  Making a night of it, I will also be attending the Grand Halloween Ball later that night and into the early hours.

If you would like to join us or are looking for something special for that weekend, take a look at this event.  There are Early Bird / Package Deal Tickets available now - but they're selling fast as it's a spectacular line-up!

The Velvet Burlesque present Cabaret Gothique - 28.10.17 (Sheffield Library Theatre) PLUS The Grand Halloween Ball - 28th October (Sheffield City Hall)
Performers for the events include: Abigail Collins, Joe Black, Jeanie Wishes Whisky Falls, The Magic Ball Man, Aurora Starr, Miss Bruise Violet, Deux Ailes Acrobatics, Dave Alnwick, Double Twist Circus, Scarlett Daggers, The Velvet Burlesque & The Yorkshire Puddings & Vanity Dare, plus we also have Tin Type Trailer, #sikoart, The Pixie Tribe, Wise Witchy Woman (Tarot reader) & more performers and entertainment stands to be announced soon!




Image may contain: text

Home ground in a month!

YES!  I am in Manchester in October, for anyone who has been waiting for me to home ground again!


I will be back on Friday 20th October.at Burlesque at Richmond Tea Rooms and Oh La La ..... what a show we have for you !

Guest performers for the evening are the fabulous Artemis Queer,  Starla BrightVanity Dare & the show producer Cherie Bebe hosted by the hilarious Titsalina Bumsquash Burlesque Performer alter ego Fanny Trump (no relation to Donald!)

Click through to get to TICKETS!



Congratulations Kit Kat Club!

What a truly lovely night!  Bear Glitz brought the Lollipop back, Venus Haze and Victor Vortex whipped up a double act, Queenie Von Rene wowed with her newest act debut, Seedy Frills brought Doris to the finishing line, Sarah Louise Keegan has a lot of earworms to answer for with her Fanny Magnet song and Crimson Lace worked her bits off for us all!   FABULOUS.  Congratulations to Barrie Heap on a year of success - wish you many more to come!

Anima Jazz Bar is a great venue ~ classy and relaxed downstairs and fiery and fabulous upstairs!  Check out future shows!

Photo collage courtesy of the sparkling Seedy Frills!

Absinthe & Lace Secret Speakeasy Tickets

One week to THIS!


Next weekend is my birthday weekend!

Just over a year since my own début, it's the Kit Kat Club's first birthday party and I also celebrate my real birthday! Loads of fun to be had and with a great bunch of friends. 

 Barrie Heap we will certainly be bringing it in style for you! Seedy Frills I'm getting another fix of you! Woohoo! Queenie Von Rene you little sexbomb it's been too long! Victor Vortex and Venus Haze hello again! With Eddie Fortune and Sarah Louise Keegan to boot, are you ready to party?!

JOIN US at the Anima Jazz Bar, Warrington!


Just £5 on the door!

Absinthe & Lace

I am delighted to be invited by Lady Absinthe to be Guest Performer at "The Secret Speakeasy" next month <3 A new county to perform in! Care to join us for a deliciously decadent rendezvous?

~ VIP tickets are £20, and include Glass of Fizz and Canapes on arrival, Candlelit VIP seating ~

A full length burlesque show, plus dancing with our resdident DJ after the show

Friday October 27th at 8pm The Whitworth Centre Darley Dale

Please call Chesterfield Tourist Info to book:

01246 345 777 between Mon- Sat 9.30am until 6pm

See you there . xx

It's my 1st Burly Birthday!

It's my Burly Birthday!

A year ago, Vanity Dare made her début at the prestigious Frou Frou Club (as did my burly sister Freida Nipples - happy burly birthday to you too you little pin-up dreamgirl!). It's been an incredible year and I would barely have dared wish for it; I have loved every moment!

This is in danger of turning into an Oscar speech, but I HAVE to thank: Lady Wildflower without you I would never have dreamed of doing this <3 Lilly Laudanum my fairy godmother, you made the world of difference to that first performance and have done many times since <3 Lucy Cihankova for giving me my international début <3

I have met so many wonderful, inspiring people and made so many friends through burlesque directly I can't mention you all - Diva Hollywood, Havana Hurricane, Raven Noir, Daphné Win, Fifi La Roux / Fi Rooney, Seedy Frills, Tawny Kay, Barrie Heap, Bella Stirrup, Alexandra, Glynis, Keri, Kylie, Heidi, Luna, Angela, Bobby Pinn, Cece Sinclair you diamond....so many others I send out giant hugs and a world of thanks to you all for being part of my life and this journey.

Above all, my fabulous husband, tassel-roadie, best friend, lover, partner-in-crime and greatest ally Nigel: Thank You - for everything. You are truly the best time I ever had


Wales, here I come!

I'm sharing my birthday!

Bear Glitz celebrates one year of shows with The Kit Kat Club in Warrington -

and I celebrate my birthday that weekend!

It's party time!  Come join us for a really fun evening of entertainment, laughs and friendship 

promising to be a cracking start to your weekend as well as ours!

OOH don't you love a last minute call?!

When Neil Kendall asks you to phone him, you jump at the chance!  So tonight I am at this lovely event of his at Henshaws, Knaresborough (near Harrogate) - Yorkshire people get down there if you can!  I'm bringing "The Way I Walk" and "Then Came Woman".  The line up is so very special it's sure to be a wonderful night!

Edinburgh, you stole my heart

"Best of Burlesque delivers the hottest emerging and established acts and is renowned for being a great night out at the Fringe."


It has been sold-out every night which reflects the reputation of this headline Fringe show.  I am so pleased to have performed for Chaz Royal and Betty Rose Royal this year.  I was only available for one weekend due to other commitments, but I managed to fit in a few shows as a visitor and my two nights at Best of Burlesque were crackers!  If you're there be sure to catch one of them.  With a different line up most nights the show is never quite the same - but so worth a visit.  The Piccolo Tent as part of Assembly is to be found at George Square Gardens which appears as a world of its own...perfect to spend one of your Fringe evenings.


Here's to Edinburgh Fringe, all it's performers and people

- it really is the greatest show on earth!


Rehearsing my bits off!


Oh yes - in less than two weeks I will not only be performing "The Way I Walk", but I will be revealing my new act "Then Came Woman" at Glitterbug in Leicester!

It's two months earlier than planned, so I've been rehearsing my bits off! 


If you're looking for something different to do or somewhere different to go, grab tickets while you can and join me at the Firebug Bar. Glitterbug always sells out and this month the utterly wonderful Lili la Scala comperes! Also appearing is Talulah BlueSally 'Oh' SpitfireRuby Derrière and music by Elmo Ashall-Kelly Music; shaping up to be a fabulous night 


The World of Burlesque

Entering the world of burlesque as a newcomer is a little like riding your motorbike for the first time without your instructor by your side. It's a big deep breath moment and it's when you REALLY start learning.

There are two people I put all my faith in (a) to stop me making a fool of myself (b) giving me an HONEST appraisal of my work from costume to choreography and (c) advise on the quality of it. One ismy darling husband, best friend and partner-in-crime Nigel who would never see me fall (and knows a fair bit about burlesque acts and shows!) and the other is my burly momma Lady Wildflower.

Lady Wildflower is a performer who can teach (not all who have the skills have the ability to teach them). Rose MinxieCoquette Woods once told me she's never seen a student of Lady Wildflower who has gone on to perform who isn't quality. The wild and wonderful Cece Sinclair and Tawny Kay Loveday, peers of mine like Seedy Frills, Arabella TwistFreida Nipples. So many more.

Lady Wildflower knows what it takes, and is a producer of calibre with years of experience and who has seen more than her fair share of performances! So for me, her seal of approval is gold - and to be honest, it gives me a sense of achievement like only a daughter could have knowing I am out there "doing her proud".



Then Came Woman - début date!

Well, glittery people - it's been a glitter-based day today and so I'm pleased to announce that this month I will be performing both acts at Glitterbug in Leicester!

Yes, that's right - Then Came Woman will make its début on Friday 28th July, a month or two earlier than had been planned 

So...if you are in the area, or fancy somewhere different to start your weekend, grab tickets while you can. Glitterbug always sells out and with Talulah BlueSally 'Oh' SpitfireRuby Derrière and music by Elmo Ashall Kelly Music it's going to be a great show.....plus....[panting a little]....the wonderful Lili La Scala is compère for the evening! You all know I love Lili! The fabulous English Rose with a sensational voice and wonderful sarcastic wit which just rolls off her eloquent tongue. So excited!

Click through for tickets x

She did it!

TONIGHT - Show and Shave - what??

Well it's TONIGHT!

My partner-in-crime and I are headed over to Wakefield where I will be performing alongside some quality acts at the Bang Tidy Burlesque Charidee Ding Dong - and supporting our friend Heidi (aka showgirl/producer Heidi Bang Tidy) as she shaves off her long luscious locks ..... find out why HERE.

Tickets on the door are just £10, or please drop a few pennies in the hat here if you can't make the party - and believe me there will be a party! Red Sarah DJs after the show and it's a cheap bar, though if you're staying dry - there's also plenty of parking. See you there people! Say hi!

This weekend in Wakefield...

It's hotting up!

It looks like the summer could be here!

I am planning a little gettaway before my next show - and it's one I am SO looking forward to.  It's a little bit special.... The Bang Tidy Burlesque Charidee Ding Dong II on Saturday 24th June.

Apart from the fact that I am part of a really special cast (most of whom have become friends over the last few years) it's a great little fundraiser with one heck of a show-closer!

The magnificent cast!!!

Dead Man's Uke                                                  Vanity Dare                                                 Frieda Nipples
Cece Sinclair                                                   Heidi Bang Tidy                                          Havana Hurricane
Coco Blue Farrari                            Ruby Macintosh and Cat Thompson                               Wildvixen

Get your tickets HERE

General Vintage Festival THIS WEEKEND

At a loose end this weekend?

Check out this event!

Oh....and burlesque will be introduced after the watershed tomorrow 

Scotland here I come!


I am proud to be able to announce I am performing at the prestigious BEST OF BURLESQUE!

I will be in two shows for Chaz & Betty Royal (King & Queen of Burlesque)

at the Edinburgh Fringe this year on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th August!


A bit of late night rockabilly bump 'n' grind coming your way Scotland and I am

THRILLED to be able to invite you in to my luxe interior....


Click through the picture for tickets/more information on this fringe-favourite show,

now in its fifth year it "delivers the hottest emerging and established acts"


Guideline 16+  WARNING:  Nudity & Strong Language

Tickets £18 - Show runs midnight to 1AM

Now I can tell you!

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