It's my 1st Burly Birthday!

It's my Burly Birthday!

A year ago, Vanity Dare made her début at the prestigious Frou Frou Club (as did my burly sister Freida Nipples - happy burly birthday to you too you little pin-up dreamgirl!). It's been an incredible year and I would barely have dared wish for it; I have loved every moment!

This is in danger of turning into an Oscar speech, but I HAVE to thank: Lady Wildflower without you I would never have dreamed of doing this <3 Lilly Laudanum my fairy godmother, you made the world of difference to that first performance and have done many times since <3 Lucy Cihankova for giving me my international début <3

I have met so many wonderful, inspiring people and made so many friends through burlesque directly I can't mention you all - Diva Hollywood, Havana Hurricane, Raven Noir, Daphné Win, Fifi La Roux / Fi Rooney, Seedy Frills, Tawny Kay, Barrie Heap, Bella Stirrup, Alexandra, Glynis, Keri, Kylie, Heidi, Luna, Angela, Bobby Pinn, Cece Sinclair you many others I send out giant hugs and a world of thanks to you all for being part of my life and this journey.

Above all, my fabulous husband, tassel-roadie, best friend, lover, partner-in-crime and greatest ally Nigel: Thank You - for everything. You are truly the best time I ever had


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