We did it! Finalists!

Well what a show that was!  Seren Yn Codi on Saturday night in Conwy brought together several storm-blown showgirls for the semi-final and we had such a good night.  One of the biggest reasons I do this is for the people you meet - and this lot were amongst the most interesting and diverse acts which made for a really great show for the audience too!  Great work by Kimberley Edmunds (Foxy Stole) and Erwyd pulling this all together.

All contestants did well to be selected for the semi-final - it was a great mix of acts!  See the finalists in January at "Theatr Colwyn" !

 Finalists (L to R):  Miss Sugar Bomb, Eddie Kelly, Lili Del Fflur, Vanity Dare, Laurie The Fox

Audience Choice winner also goes through:  Foxy Maraschino

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