Rehearsing my bits off!


Oh yes - in less than two weeks I will not only be performing "The Way I Walk", but I will be revealing my new act "Then Came Woman" at Glitterbug in Leicester!

It's two months earlier than planned, so I've been rehearsing my bits off! 


If you're looking for something different to do or somewhere different to go, grab tickets while you can and join me at the Firebug Bar. Glitterbug always sells out and this month the utterly wonderful Lili la Scala comperes! Also appearing is Talulah BlueSally 'Oh' SpitfireRuby Derrière and music by Elmo Ashall-Kelly Music; shaping up to be a fabulous night 


The World of Burlesque

Entering the world of burlesque as a newcomer is a little like riding your motorbike for the first time without your instructor by your side. It's a big deep breath moment and it's when you REALLY start learning.

There are two people I put all my faith in (a) to stop me making a fool of myself (b) giving me an HONEST appraisal of my work from costume to choreography and (c) advise on the quality of it. One ismy darling husband, best friend and partner-in-crime Nigel who would never see me fall (and knows a fair bit about burlesque acts and shows!) and the other is my burly momma Lady Wildflower.

Lady Wildflower is a performer who can teach (not all who have the skills have the ability to teach them). Rose MinxieCoquette Woods once told me she's never seen a student of Lady Wildflower who has gone on to perform who isn't quality. The wild and wonderful Cece Sinclair and Tawny Kay Loveday, peers of mine like Seedy Frills, Arabella TwistFreida Nipples. So many more.

Lady Wildflower knows what it takes, and is a producer of calibre with years of experience and who has seen more than her fair share of performances! So for me, her seal of approval is gold - and to be honest, it gives me a sense of achievement like only a daughter could have knowing I am out there "doing her proud".



Then Came Woman - début date!

Well, glittery people - it's been a glitter-based day today and so I'm pleased to announce that this month I will be performing both acts at Glitterbug in Leicester!

Yes, that's right - Then Came Woman will make its début on Friday 28th July, a month or two earlier than had been planned 

So...if you are in the area, or fancy somewhere different to start your weekend, grab tickets while you can. Glitterbug always sells out and with Talulah BlueSally 'Oh' SpitfireRuby Derrière and music by Elmo Ashall Kelly Music it's going to be a great[panting a little]....the wonderful Lili La Scala is compère for the evening! You all know I love Lili! The fabulous English Rose with a sensational voice and wonderful sarcastic wit which just rolls off her eloquent tongue. So excited!

Click through for tickets x

She did it!

TONIGHT - Show and Shave - what??

Well it's TONIGHT!

My partner-in-crime and I are headed over to Wakefield where I will be performing alongside some quality acts at the Bang Tidy Burlesque Charidee Ding Dong - and supporting our friend Heidi (aka showgirl/producer Heidi Bang Tidy) as she shaves off her long luscious locks ..... find out why HERE.

Tickets on the door are just £10, or please drop a few pennies in the hat here if you can't make the party - and believe me there will be a party! Red Sarah DJs after the show and it's a cheap bar, though if you're staying dry - there's also plenty of parking. See you there people! Say hi!

This weekend in Wakefield...

It's hotting up!

It looks like the summer could be here!

I am planning a little gettaway before my next show - and it's one I am SO looking forward to.  It's a little bit special.... The Bang Tidy Burlesque Charidee Ding Dong II on Saturday 24th June.

Apart from the fact that I am part of a really special cast (most of whom have become friends over the last few years) it's a great little fundraiser with one heck of a show-closer!

The magnificent cast!!!

Dead Man's Uke                                                  Vanity Dare                                                 Frieda Nipples
Cece Sinclair                                                   Heidi Bang Tidy                                          Havana Hurricane
Coco Blue Farrari                            Ruby Macintosh and Cat Thompson                               Wildvixen

Get your tickets HERE

General Vintage Festival THIS WEEKEND

At a loose end this weekend?

Check out this event!

Oh....and burlesque will be introduced after the watershed tomorrow 

Scotland here I come!

I am proud to be able to announce I am performing at the prestigious BEST OF BURLESQUE!

I will be in two shows for Chaz & Betty Royal (King & Queen of Burlesque)

at the Edinburgh Fringe this year on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th August!


A bit of late night rockabilly bump 'n' grind coming your way Scotland and I am

THRILLED to be able to invite you in to my luxe interior....


Click through the picture for tickets/more information on this fringe-favourite show,

now in its fifth year it "delivers the hottest emerging and established acts"


Guideline 16+  WARNING:  Nudity & Strong Language

Tickets £18 - Show runs midnight to 1AM

Now I can tell you!

Wait for it...


I am on the edge of my seat....

any day now I will be able to announce my next show!

The Glastonbury Of Burlesque

Afterparty Afterglow



Just a great big HUGE thanks to you all - it was a blast, I had the best little legends to be with, was blown away by acts in the other shows (I saw every one!) and am so thankful to have been at the premier of Et Moi and be taught by Jack and Jett - thanks guys. The hugs, the laughs, the party atmosphere was as wonderful as ever.

Old friends and new - my heartfelt thanks for welcoming me to this world 

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Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival 2017

I'm on my way!

Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival is in its 5th Year and

was winner of Best Festival 2016 (Burlesque Magazine)

I am beside myself with pride at being selected to appear in the opening show of the festival on Thursday night:  Legend in the Making!

I will be there for the whole weekend and seeing ALL TEN shows.  Grab a ticket - I hope to see some of you there!  Say hello!

[Fabulous image by Miss Beretta]


Act 2: And Then Came Woman


It's been an odd long weekend.  Believe me I couldn't look more different from this photograph at the moment!  I have a rather swollen face and been stuck indoors - BUT it means I have had an extremely productive weekend.  With my hand and arm back to full working order I can stitch again and the rain has meant choreography has also taken a massive leap forward - I love it when a plan comes together!

I would like to thank a few very talented friends here:

sensational photo credit - Nicola @ MyBoudoir Photography

perfect bespoke pasties - made for my by Anna @ Tassels and Trinkets

headdress:  this beautiful arrangement was put together by my friend and neighbour, a talented florist and creative, April Hanger


Thanks to all of you for bringing my ideas to fruition x

What have I been up to lately?

I have been creating of course! Sometimes you feel very "out of the loop" - but doing one thing a day still takes you a step closer to your next dream or destination. I have been using post-op recovery (just a couple of little arm ops, nothing traumatic!) to get on with the development of my second act and I am VERY excited by's a promotion picture taken by the talented Nicola at MyBoudoir Photography (make-up by Sarah Elliott MUA). Bless them both, they are magicians!

One-handed workings!


Well recovery from the nerve ops to my arm is going well and I am still productive if not performing!  Thank you ALL for your well-wishes (I think they're working).

 Sneaky peak of act 2 in progress....theme is green !  There's a really big clue in there if you can spot it....

That "difficult second album"!

I meet so many performers who have an abundance of ideas and lack the one thing you really need to get through them - TIME!

The "difficult second album" applies for many of us newcomers.  Which do you do next?  If your debut act went so well - how do you make it at least as good?  Or much better?!  Will it be as it enough?

Over time I narrowed my selection down and put in order my ideas for acts and am working on the next two. Like most they evolve over time - improving, tweaking, choreography and costume.  As a perfectionist I had to learn that the important thing was not to finish it to perfection, but to finish it...or you could go on forever, never quite satisfied or up to your own standards.  Having said that - don't rush it!  Many of the greatest performers take at least a year to develop an act before it debuts.  I have learned so much since being involved in burlesque, not least that nothing can replace passion or rehearsal.  I go where my heart takes me so I don't have to fake it - and I practise.

The question "is it enough" brought me back to the reason I decided to perform myself.  To take that step from seating to stage.  It was not a desire for limelight or a cry to "love me".  I have the greatest love and I always shied away from the limelight.  By choice I am always being the woman behind the figurehead, the person working to get others where they want to be - and most definitely the girl BEHIND the camera!

However - I am both a dreamer AND a do-er.  I mean what I say and I cherish life.  There is so much to do and see in the precious unquantified time we are blessed with.  We must make the most of it. 

I had finally learned to banish that voice we all seem to begin to hear at some point in our lives.  The one which says "you can't, because"... Well I want you to know YOU CAN.  Who says you are too old, too big, too skinny, too flat chested, too short/tall etc....??  That voice in your head - or anyone who actually tells you that - is wrong.  YES YOU CAN.  I perform to teach this by example, not merely rhetoric.

Burlesque is certainly empowering and many of the people within it are borne of this.  This force is strong in my "Burly Momma" Lady Wildflower.  She does teach technique and history and movement...but beyond this she promotes strength, confidence and loves to empower. The most wonderful thing about Burlesque for me is its complete and utter acceptance of people.  People of all ages, sexes, persuasions, sizes.  No, it's not Utopia - but it's a truly special place.

I have always said I am not there to get in the way of the dreams of those I love - I just wanted to help make them come true.  It is a beautiful thing to watch someone flourish, to be a part of someone Living their Dream.  The next step is to do it for yourself.

It is Your Life.  Live it.  You are unique - only you can do You



A word from the Whipp

What just happened?!

OH MY!!  I am so very proud - and utterly shocked - to announce I was awarded 3rd place at Burlesque Noir's Next Rising Star show tonight!

It was an honour to have been shortlisted by the legendary Raven Noir to appear as one of the 22 acts that night - and to share a stage with such quality performers.  Everyone was lovely and that includes the unsung heroes, stage manager, kittens, compere...

I am SO pleased to have been voted through to the top 4 by the audience (who were wonderfully appreciative of all acts) and am truly astonished by the third place award given to me by our esteemed judges: Neil 'Nez' Kendall, Trixie Blue, Velma Von Bon Bon, Alice Allarse and Cece Sinclair .  They must have had a tough job and gave great feedback.

The first place winner Albah Bernaux is exquisite in his appearance and performance and is truly deserving of his place at Burlesque Noir at the Tower Ballroom in October.  Go if you can - it is a magnificent production!

Second place Didi Derriere is the epitome of elegance and beauty and her classic fan performance was mesmerising.

Dickie Dalliance was a joy to watch, making everyone laugh and smile.

Congratulations to all of you.  It was a privilege to share the stage with ALL acts tonight.

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing

Photo credit:  Neal Rylatt

[Left to Right:  Didi Derriere ~ Dickie Dalliance ~ Vanity Dare ~ Raven Noir ~ Albah Bernaux]

This has turned into a big week!


I have been selected by the industry's legendary Raven Noir to be one of her Rising Stars!


Image may contain: 1 person, text


This is 100% audience vote so if you can come along to support me,

scream your lungs out and have a thorougly entertaining night to boot

- please do!!



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So how would you react to making it through to a world-renowned show?

To being selected to be a part of an Award-Winning Festival?

In fact THE WINNER of Best Event/ Festival - The Burlesque Awards 2016

See, dreams do come true.

Having been an audience member of these shows, it was there I made my decision to pursue my fantasy of becoming Vanity Dare....and here I am, selected for

Legend In The Making 2017


So many wonderful performers apply annually, make the short-list, just miss out - and the numbers grow each year with the popularity of the Festival (which last year managed for the first time to be approved Arts Council funding - and in the prestigious Burlesque Awards 2016 WON Best Event/Festival.  It is indeed an honour to be chosen.

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Have you met....Bobby Pinn?

If you do ever get the opportunity to see the other-worldly Bobby Pinn, please do go!

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Last few days for Earlybird Tickets - London

5 DAYS LEFT for Early bird tickets!

Join me in the Sin Bin (Leytonstone High Road, London)

on 31st January and let us raise the temperature

Burlesque Hall of Fame - UK Fundraiser Show!

Being a burlesque artiste is about so much more than the on stage performance. Whether it's a part of your life, your lifestyle or livelihood, it's about the ongoing craft, creation, diversity, celebrating legends (living and past), honouring the art and supporting other artistes and events - and we all start out as an audience member somewhere along the line!

Without the audience there would be no stage! So my fabulous fella and I will be at this event again (last year was a quality show!) - any of you fancy it, it's a Saturday night in Birmingham and plenty of not-too-pricey accommodation around. It's essentially a fundraiser to help some of our UK Performers with their BHoF costs (those lucky enough to go!) and a donation to BHoF itself, so you will be supporting the art just by being there.

It's a hell of a show! Lili La Scala , Lady Wildflower, Havana Hurricane, Rusty Von Chrome, Raven Noir , Lilly Laudanum, Rubyyy Jones, Tidy and Tips, Lilly Snatchdragon, Lou Safire, Knock Out Noire, Ruby Wednesday, Pi the Mime and Lydia LScabie's <3

Hope to see some familiar faces at the bar with me!



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