Bookings coming in!

How exciting! Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield coming up in the next two

months! Event details will be shared as they come along! Watch this space!

Live Your Dreams

The Burlesque Awards - special mention to...



I voted for this because it is a weekend like no other and IT ROCKS!!!

Heidi and Lady Wildflower you earned it and you own it!! Congratulations!!

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A few words on my début

My burlesque debut as Vanity Dare 

Made possible thanks to my talented teacher (and Producer of the Frou Frou Club!) Lady Wildflower

Made special for me by all those involved (special mention to Kinky Krayola, Lilly Laudanum and Heidi Bang Tidy).  Congratulations to Freida Nipples on her début - well done you little tigress!

Too many to list all those who surprised me by joining the audience in support (and are mostly hooked and intent on coming to more shows - wooohoo!) - but HUGE thanks for your messages, love, hugs and encouragement.