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EVE by Shot In The Dark Photogarphy

A smouldering psychobilly striptease, bringing back old school bump 'n' grind and which declared her:

"Hotter than the devil's testicles" this act has travelled around the globe.

Performed to The Way I Walk by The Cramps

                                                                               Photo credit:  Neal Rylatt

The Way I Walk

Her Signature Act

The début of Vanity Dare saw this act performed at Lady Wildflower's Frou Frou Club, August 2016


Then Came Woman

 Eve, the Original Temptress!


 Having wandered the Garden for years fully covered, Eve encounters The Snake again.  The original temptress discovers it’s twice bitten, once shy and finds her freedom! 


A classic act which builds to a crescendo,  with the allure of Old Hollywood movies it has proved popular throughout Europe.

 Performed to a personal edit using Joe Valino's

 Garden of Eden


Photo credits: 

     MyBoudoirPhotography      (Brunette)

     AShotInTheDark                   (Silver)

Girl Power

Girl Power grew up - women rule now!


Young Women of the Nineties are now Vintage!  Taking life and ourselves far less seriously, but holding our own Power, Vanity reminds us we are still in charge.


An act of empowerment and humour with an explosive ending.  This girl doesn't take herself too seriously.

Performed to Spice Girls' Wannabe edited with Girls                Aloud's Sound of the Underground

Photo credit: Shaun Derry (left) and A Shot In The Dark Photography (right)

Vanity Dare_Shaun Regan Photography 5.jpg

Coming in 2024:  OBSESSION

Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't....?

Performed to edited Joan Jett / The Divinyls

Photo credit: Vanity Dare



A potent and emotive act exalting the human spirit, a free and indomitable force.  

** Producers' note:  requires space with high impact wing span **

Performed to The Cult's Spiritwalker

Photo credit: Shaun Regal Photography  from the début of Spiritwalker at Hoots 'n' Hooters Burlesque and Cabaret

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