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Vanity Dare


"Hotter than the Devil's testicles"


Striving for a life of adventure and always grabbing opportunities by the hand, when asked at 48 by her Burly Momma, Lady Wildflower, if she would like to début at the estimable Frou Frou Club the newcomer Vanity Dare accepted, believing it would be another life experience she would relish and move on from as a one-off.

With the encouragement of Mr Dare following that début she decided to continue until she had performed abroad once.  Well that happened a mere six weeks later.  Suffice to say she had slipped into the world of burlesque as if it were her own pair of glass slippers.

With every new goal set (counties, countries, theatres and specific shows) they were ticked off her wish list and before she knew it the final one came to fruition as she was asked to perform at the prestigious Vermont Burlesque Festival, USA.  From that first velvet-curtained theatre in Hebden Bridge in 2016 to a sumptuous sold-out 600 seat Opera House in 2019  Vanity Dare had achieved all she wanted to.   By this point Vanity was also now the owner of - the biggest "panic buy" of her life!

In the meantime Mr Dare's band Adventures of Salvador released their mighty second album.  Vanity Dare no longer their manager, but always a roadie, just as he remains the steadfast companion at her shows. 

Ever living life to the full and not ready for retirement yet Vanity Dare continues to perform around the world, uplifting and encouraging others, proving it's never too late - for anything! Logo
Vanity Dare is also the owner of :
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