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Vanity Dare - Hotter Than The Devil's Testicles

"Delivering glamour with a killer smile"


With a passion for old school bump 'n' grind and a deliciously dangerous glint in her eyes Vanity Dare carries with her a magnetic energy and unforgettable presence.

Having worked with many prestigious companies and performers at festivals and productions throughout the whole of the UK, across Europe and into America, Vanity Dare is one international showgirl you don't want to miss.

Cleopantha ™

NO 1 Most Influential Burlesque Figure UK TOP10 Worldwide  2021|2022| 2023

"Vanity Dare. She is a fireball on stage and a gracious queen backstage. An icon to so many such as myself. She was the first and only person to teach me how to 'boobie pop'. Every time I perform this in my Jessica Rabbit and WAP act, it is in homage to her. A true burlesque legend."

Trixie Blue

Principal Enchantress of

House of Trixie Blue

"What a performer! Vanity blends bump n grind with contemporary burlesque concepts into one beautiful bundle of burlesque bewitchment. She creates acts that are faithful to our legends, pleasing to the crowds and is the epitome of professional on and off stage. I just cannot wait to see what the future holds for Vanity."

Lara Gothique

The Velvet Burlesque

"Hell's Belle"

"Vanity Dare is a commanding performer onstage; connecting with her audience, and using her stage presence to the max! I always find Vanity to be a joy to work with - polite, professional, and friendly. Highly recommended!."

Performance Responses



Vanity Dare!"

Foxy Tann, USA

"The Boss of Burlesque"

Vermont Burlesque Festival


"A shining star, her acts are phenomenal - go see her perform"

Chris Haywood, follower

since Rising Star 2017

[Facebook review]


"Omg ... amazing costume... I was astounded at her mastery ... and now spend hours attempting to emulate this divine lady!

Jayne Carle @ Neil Kendall's Burlesque Bonanza

Harrogate, UK


"absof***inglutly magnificent"

John The Prop

Dublin, EIRE


"I just had to tell you; that's the first bump 'n' grind act to impress me in 10 years.  Honestly, you're an inspiration."


Newcastle Burlesque Festival


"You were amazing.  Powerful, such an inspiration.  Thanks."

Lindsey Bennett-dunwell

Freida Nipples Presents, York


"Oh WOW - What a Woman!"

Gentleman Caller

Secret Speakeasy

Derbyshire, UK


"you're a Queen - you were smokin' hot last night"


World Burlesque  Games, London, UK



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